Avenue Station Construction Updates - November 16

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novembre 16, 2017


Mining Update

Mining operations at the Avenue Station Secondary Entrance site continue. Mining occurs on a 24hr schedule.

  • Crews are currently building the support arch - or "umbrella - for the excavated area that will connect the Secondary Entrance site with the completed TBM tunnels. This involves installing horizontal steel tubes along the top of the area to be excavated.
  • Approximately one more week of work for umbrella construction.
  • Following umbrella construction, Gantry Crane installation will take place as early as November 22. Following Gantry Crane installation, crews will begin to break through the pile wall in the Secondary Entrance site to start excavation as early as November 27.

Other Construction Activities at Avenue Road and Eglinton

Construction activities outside the long-term set up continue to be active, and will for the coming months. Residents and businesses can expect to see the following daytime and nighttime work at various locations in the roadway or on the sidewalks between Braemar and Lascelles.

Current Works at Avenue Station:

Dewatering Work - Overnight Work

  • Overnight work resumed this week between Oriole Parkway and Lascelles.
  • This is the final week for overnight work related to dewatering installations.
  • Work began in mid-October and takes a total of three weeks to complete. The three weeks of working days have been spread intermittently over October and November.

Dewatering Work - Daytime Work

  • The dewatering system will help remove ground water from the station area to help ensure stability as we complete mining operations underground.
  • Approximately two weeks remaining for daytime dewatering installations.

Monitoring Instruments (installations, surveying and monitoring) - Daytime Work

  • Monitoring instruments give information about soil conditions during construction operations. This is an ongoing program; instruments will be continuously checked throughout mining operations.
  • Monitors continue to be installed west of Avenue Road on the south side of Eglinton and east of Avenue Road moving toward Lascelles Blvd.


Short Term Lookahead:

Sewer Lining Work – 24hr schedule

  • Sewer lining work will begin as early as Monday November 20.
  • A new work zone will be set up in the roadway at the west end of the existing site east of Avenue Road.
  • This new work zone will reduce the available lanes of traffic on Eglinton to one in each direction. Some street parking on the south side of Eglinton between Highbourne Avenue and Oriole Parkway will be impacted during this work.
  • During the overnight periods from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM the work zone will extend all the way to Avenue Road. Some parking spaces on the north side of Eglinton will be impacted during the nightly work zone extensions.
  • Short duration temporary lane closures will be required at other manholes as crews pull the lining through each sewer section.
  • Sewer lining work uses a resin to cure the liner to the inside of the sewer pipe. For more information on styrene, please visit the Styrene used in Cured In Place Pipe Relining page on the City of Toronto Environmental Health website.

Gantry Crane Installation – 24hr schedule

  • As early as November 22, crews will begin the installation of the Gantry Crane at the site east of Avenue Road (future Secondary Entrance).
  • To deliver the beams that the crane will sit on, the trucks carrying the beams will back into the construction site from the west end of the enclosure.
  • It takes approximately 5 – 10 minutes for each truck to back into the site. There will be approximately 6 support beam deliveries.  Temporary short term disruption to traffic on Eglinton as the trucks complete the maneuver should be expected. Once inside the site, the beams will be in the enclosure.

Tunnel Back-filling Operations

  • Tunnel connection bore hole drilling at Highbourne and Eglinton is complete.
  • Concrete pouring operations will begin soon. Timing to be determined.
  • Why back-fill portions of the tunnels? The tunnel back-filling “plugs” the tunnels on either side of the area to be excavated. This protects the tunnels and the operation by ensuring the work is localized to the small section.


Longer Term Lookahead:

  • Watermain lining is required in the vicinity of Avenue Station area. Details coming soon.


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