Avenue Station Construction Updates - October 25

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octobre 25, 2017


Construction activities outside the long-term set up continues to be active as we prepare for upcoming mining operations. These activities are happening during the daytime and nighttime, and overlap. Residents and businesses can expect to see the following daytime and nighttime work at various locations in the roadway or on the sidewalk.


Tunnel Concrete Pours – Concrete Pouring Beginning Soon 

  • The drilling site for the tunnel connection holes has been taken down. Crews will need to return to the site for 2-3 days next week to complete a final portion.
  • In approximately two weeks, concrete pouring will begin at this site.

Sewer Bypass & Lining Work 

  • Trenching across Avenue Road is complete.
  • Trenching is underway east of Avenue Road (from Avenue to the Secondary Entrance site).
  • A small section on the south curb of Eglinton, west of Avenue Road is required to be trenched as well.
  • The fencing west of Avenue Road has been installed. Originally, this area was planned to be trenched. Now, it will be used to house the bypass pipes above ground and some pumps. This work zone is expected to be in place for approximately 3 - 4 weeks.
  • Sewer Lining work is anticipated to begin the week of November 6 and last approximately 2 weeks.

Overnight Centre Line Dewatering Work 

  • Work began on October 16 and will continue nightly for the next 3 weeks as crews move along the middle of Eglinton to install the wells.
  • Next week, there will be no drilling work overnight, however other related overnight work will continue. Noise reduction measures at the site are in place.
  • Drilling will resume the week of November 11 for approximately 2 weeks.

Daytime Dewatering Work 

  • This work continues as crews install the dewatering system around the perimeter of the station area.
  • This work continues at the east end of the station area. Currently crews are on the south side of Eglinton near Oriole Parkway.
  • Within the next 2 weeks, crews will work in the Eglinton Park pathway area to continue dewatering installations.

Monitoring Instruments (installations, surveying and monitoring) 

  • Installations continue and will likely be complete in early 2018.
  • This week and into next week, crews are focusing on installations around Highbourne and Eglinton.
  • Please expect an increased frequency of surveying/monitoring crews as they continue to check ground conditions for mining operations.



  • Watermain lining is required in the vicinity of Avenue Station area. Details coming soon.
  • In mid-November, a Gantry Crane will be installed at the Secondary Entrance site to support mining excavation. More details on crane installation to come.