Cedarvale Station: Road Closures for Utility Relocation & Support of Excavation

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août 25, 2017

Updated: August 25, 2017
Original Issue Date: June 28, 2017

What Work is Taking Place?

The Cedarvale Station work zones are now in full swing as crews complete tunnel concrete pours, utility relocation, and support of excavation activities.

To continue to relocate and upgrade storm and sanitary sewer infrastructure and complete support of excavation, traffic changes in the vicinity of Cedarvale Station are required.

Throughout the Summer 2017, the following roads were closed at Eglinton Avenue West:

  • Everden Road closed in early July and will remain closed for approximately 6 – 8 months to complete sewer work and support of excavation.
  • Winnett Avenue closed in mid-July and will remain closed for approximately 2 – 3 months to complete sewer work on Winnett and under Eglinton Avenue West.
  • *Please note, timeline for the closure of Winnett has changed since our previous communications on June 26, 2017.
    • Park Hill Road and Strathearn Road will remain closed at Eglinton.

    A new work zone was implemented on the south side of Eglinton Avenue West between Winnett Avenue and Strathearn Road to accommodate support of excavation activities in the roadway.

    Traffic is now shifted to the north side of Eglinton Avenue West. Changes to pedestrian crosswalks and walkways were implemented as well. 

    Access to driveways will be maintained throughout the work. Local access for residents will be maintained from Gloucester Grove.

    Hours of Work

    • Work can be expected between the hours of 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM, 7 days a week.
      • Work outside these hours may be required for other construction activities. This information will be communicated separately. 
    • Work may be delayed due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

    What to Expect 

    • Nearby residents and businesses can expect noise in the area caused by loaders, trucks and other construction equipment, as well as dust from drilling activity and debris removal.
    • For safety purposes, metal fencing will be erected around the work zone, signage for traffic and public diversions, and there will be dust control measures in place.


    Stay Informed

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    Please Contact Us

    If you would like more detail about this work or any other aspect of the Eglinton Crosstown project, please contact us at (416) 782-8118.


    What is Support of Excavation (Shoring)?

    Shoring is a common step in the process of constructing the foundation of a building. Shoring involves installing steel piles, as well as braces and tie-backs, around the perimeter of the area being excavated to support the ground while crews dig. 

    Shoring is necessary for the station box and the station entrances. The station box is the area underground where future passengers will wait on the platform to board the Eglinton Crosstown LRT trains.


    Why is Utility Relocation Necessary?

    Utility relocation is also a common stop in the process of building new infrastructure. There is often a variety of critical utility infrastructure – both underground and overhead – within or near construction sites. Utility infrastructure could include hydro lines for electrical power, telecommunications cables for telephone and internet, water lines, and storm and sanitary sewers. Often times these utilities need to be relocated to ensure service continues while construction activities occur.


    Thank you for your patience as we work to build this important project.

    Please support your local businesses during construction.