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Choisissez une intersection dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous pour obtenir tous les renseignements et dernières nouvelles sur la construction dans cette zone. Les intersections sont indiquées d’ouest en est, Eglinton étant la principale rue perpendiculaire.

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février 262021

Overnight OCS Cable Installation on Eglinton Ave at Laird, Leslie, Sloane & Kennedy. March 1 - April 2


What Work is Taking Place?

Crews will be installing OCS (Overhead Catenary System) cables along Eglinton avenue east between Laird drive, Leslie street, Swift drive, Sloane avenue, and Kennedy road. Overhead catenary is the system installed overtop of the rails of a light rail system, to provide operational power to the LRVs (Light Rail Vehicles). Lire la suite »

février 112021

UPDATED: Traffic Change at Kennedy Station, East of Kennedy Road - February 11,2021

UPDATE: Photo updated to show current traffic configuration. Work is ongoing until summer 2021.

février 082021

Overnight Utility Inspection at Rosemount Dr and Eglinton Ave E


What Work is Taking Place?

Crews at Rosemount Drive and Eglinton Avenue East continue with utility activities. Overnight on Monday February 8, crews will be inspecting the existing utilities in the area, from as early as 11:30pm until 5:00am on Tuesday February 9. All current traffic restrictions at the intersection will remain in place.


décembre 092020

UPDATED: Traffic Change at Kennedy Station, East of Kennedy Road - December 10, 2020


Original Post: December 7, 2020

UPDATED: December 9, 2020



What Work is Taking Place? Lire la suite »

novembre 022020

Construction of new GO East Platform at Kennedy Station - November 9, 2020



What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning November 9, 2020, crews at Kennedy Station will begin construction on the new GO East platform. Excavation will take place for approximately two weeks followed by concrete works, backfill, electrical works and platform construction. Excavation will take place up to the fence line. The construction of platform will take approximately eight (8) months. Updates will be provided as work progresses

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octobre 052020

UPDATED: THESL Pole Relocation - Eglinton Avenue East between Ionview and Kennedy Road - October 6, 2020


Original Post: Aug 13, 2020

Updated on October 5, 2020


Crews will be relocating Toronto Hydro-Electric System (THESL) poles to their permanent positions along Eglinton Avenue East between Ionview Road and Kennedy Road. Work will be completed in sections and is expected to begin October 6 through to early November 2020. All works are in support of the construction of the Crosstown LRT tracks and guideway (dedicated transit lane) in the centre of Eglinton Avenue East.

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