Tunnelling for the Crosstown: What you may experience

novembre 5, 2015

As you know, tunnelling continues on the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project as we build the underground portion of the future transit line. 

The tunnel boring machines (TBMs) operate around the clock - 24 hours a day, seven days week. On average, they each travel about 10 metres per day. Our TBMs are working about 20 metres below ground, but we do sometimes hear from nearby residents who may experience vibration from the TBMs as they pass through the area.   

In most cases, detectable levels of vibration are possible depending on where the TBMs are working at any given time. For example, as the TBMs drive through various soil conditions, vibration could be more discernable. Also, in the evenings and overnight hours when street level traffic is reduced, the TBM activity may be more easily recognized.      

As the TBMs progress, any vibration that may be experienced will be short-lived, and will subside as the machines advance along their paths. 


Currently, two TBMs are driving east from Allen Road, and two more are moving west from Laird Avenue. You can track the four TBMs – Dennis and Lea, Don and Humber.  

Metrolinx works closely with the City of Toronto, as well as local elected officials to monitor any situation of concern or disruptions that are connected to the Crosstown’s construction. We know that during construction residents will be inconvenienced, and we work hard to keep people informed. We thank you for your patience as we deliver this important transit expansion project.

Did you know? Each tunnel boring machine weights about 400 tonnes. 

For more tunnelling and TBM facts, check out our fact sheets.