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August 032017

Hydro Ductbank Connection Works at Ferrand Drive for Science Centre Station

What Work is Taking Place?

As part of ongoing utility relocation work for the future Science Centre Station, crews will be conducting hydro infrastructure work in the vicinity of Eglinton Avenue East and Ferrand Drive beginning as soon as early August 2017. Construction of hydro duct banks and installation of electrical equipment will be required to provide power to the station box. Read more »

August 012017

Early Morning Concrete Pour at Brentcliffe Portal

What Work is Taking Place?

Crews will be pouring the concrete foundation for the Brentcliffe Portal.  Work will be conducted within the existing work zone located on Eglinton Avenue East between Brentcliffe Road and Leslie Street. Due to the large size of these concrete pours, work will start at 3:00 a.m. in order to complete the pour during daytime hours, reducing impact to traffic in the area.   Read more »

July 272017

Update: Sewer Re-lining Works at Laird Station

Sewer re-lining is a process intended to increase the durability of the sewers.  At Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East, local sewers will be re-lined in the vicinity of the construction sites. 

The liner is a flexible membrane that is placed inside the sewers. Lining is designed to be generally non-disruptive and eliminates the need for excavation of the entire sewer section. The required activities take approximately three days for each sewer section.  Read more »

July 262017

Shoring and Utility Work in the Roadway at Mount Pleasant Station

Updated: June 22, 2017 

UPDATE: July 26, 2017

What Work is Taking Place?

In June 2017, crews began shoring of the station box in the roadway, starting on the north side of Eglinton Avenue East.  

Shoring is a common step in the process of constructing the foundation of a building.  Steel piles, as well as braces and tie-backs, will be installed around the perimeter of the station box to support excavation.  Read more »

July 212017

Watermain Service Work at Fairbank Station

What work is taking place?

Beginning as early as July 24, crews will be performing water main service work in the vicinity of Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West. The work will take place primarily in the existing work zones, but temporary pedestrian rerouting around work zones may be in effect. Read more »

July 212017

Update: Gas Main Support at Laird Station

To prepare for upcoming mining operations at Laird Station, micro piles will be drilled to the north of the Laird Station Secondary entrance. Micro piles will support local gas mains during mining. 

Hours of Work/ What to Expect  Read more »

July 202017

Crane Delivery and Installation at Oakwood Station

What Work is Taking Place?


A large overhead crane will be delivered and installed at the Oakwood Main Entrance starting the week of July 24th.   Read more »

July 202017

UPDATE: Continued Shoring Works at Eglinton Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Support of excavation work, also known as shoring, began in early May 2017 for the future Eglinton interchange station. This work includes pile installation, jet grouting and road deck installation. In May, shoring work began within the former Salvation Army property at 7 Eglinton Avenue East, which is now complete.   Read more »