CORRECTION: Unplanned Utilities Work at Oakwood Station

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March 9, 2017

What Work is Taking Place?

Over the next two (2) weeks, crews will complete work on sewer utility on Eglinton Ave W between Oakwood Ave and Times Road.  During this work the Green P will be open, however access from Eglinton Ave will be closed. 


  • Work will take place between March 9th and March 18th, 2017.  
  • Work is permitted between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., 7 days a week. For these works crews will work Saturdays and Sundays to complete the work.

Oakwood Utilities

What to Expect

  • Construction crews and equipment will be present along roadways and sidewalks along Eglinton Ave W.
  • Three pumps will be present between 1621 Eglinton Ave W and 1633 Eglinton Ave W.
  • Nearby residents and businesses can expect to hear noise related to drilling, saw-cutting, hydro-vaccing, and the use of heavy equipment.


  • Some portions of the sidewalk may need to be closed during work hours, in which cases pedestrians will be directed through alternative routes.
  • A large pipe will be present, above ground in the work zone noted. Please use caution.

Traffic Details

  • During the day, traffic lanes may be reduced. Short term lane closures will allow the crews to perform their work safely. Some lane closures may be left in place overnight.
  • Parking spaces may be impacted depending on the location of the installation. Protection is set-up around the work area, which may require a few spots at a time.
  • Entrance to the Green P on Eglinton Ave will be closed from Friday, March 10 to Saturday, March 18.
  • When possible, the entrance to the Green P will be maintained but with a reduced ramp to enter.
  • As always, please take care when travelling near work sites.