Emergency Exit Building Construction near Petman Avenue - Driveway Closure at 393 Eglinton Avenue East

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May 29, 2015

Emergency exit buildings (EEBs) are built in between stations when station platforms are more than approximately 760 metres apart to allow for easy evacuation of passengers. The construction of an EEB includes the building of an evacuation pathway, a set of stairs from the tunnel to ground level, and a small building at the surface. The scale of construction is similar to building a small-scale underground station. Generally, it takes up to 24 months to complete construction at each EEB.

What and When: Starting in early June, the driveway to 393 Eglinton Avenue East on Petman Avenue will be closed for the construction of an EEB at this location. 

Why: As part of the Crosstown LRT along Eglinton Avenue, the crews are constructing an EEB near the intersection of Petman Avenue and Eglinton Avenue East. 

Where and Traffic Details:  

  • The driveway to 393 Eglinton Avenue East on Petman Avenue will be closed. 
  • Vehicles can access 393 Eglinton Avenue East parking lot via the entrance/exit on Eglinton Avenue East.

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