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February 012018

Truck Staging Lane at Mount Pleasant Station

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning as early as February 3, 2018, two (2) truck staging lanes will be implemented in the center lanes of Eglinton Avenue East between Forman Avenue and Petman Avenue (see map below).

The lanes will be used to stage construction vehicles to facilitate work at the future Mount Pleasant Station.

Upcoming Traffic Stage

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August 292017

Pedestrian Safety near Construction Sites

The tunnelled section between Brentcliffe Road and Black Creek Drive is complete, and last year, construction activities began at all 15 underground stations including Kennedy Station. The preparatory works at the at-grade portion of the line, between Brentcliffe Road and Kennedy Station, also started this summer. Since the end of school, many work zones have been set up for construction and some major intersections along Eglinton Avenue have changed.

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December 092016

Update: Maintenance Work at Cross Passage 11

What work is Taking Place? 

Crews will perform maintenance on the dewatering wells for Cross Passage 11.  Dewatering wells are required for cross passage construction to ensure that the water table remains low enough to allow for hand mining work to be completed.

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November 182016

UPDATE – Re-configuration of Emergency Exit Site at Petman Avenue

What Work is Taking Place?

The configuration of the current Emergency Exit Building site will be altered.  The existing vehicular access to 393 Eglinton Avenue East (Mac’s Convenience Store) parking lot, via Petman Avenue, will be closed.  Starting in late November, vehicles must use Eglinton Avenue East to access the Mac’s Convenience Store parking lot.    Read more »

September 062016

Pedestrian Safety near Construction Sites

Construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT line, including 15 underground stations, is underway. Since the end of school, many construction sites have been set up for station construction and the set-up of some major intersections along Eglinton Avenue has been changed.

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July 222016

Update: Emergency Exit Building Construction - One Year Closure of Petman Avenue

What work is Taking Place?

What: Crews will return to the south side of Eglinton Avenue East to complete the Emergency Exit Building construction. A temporary closure of Petman Avenue at Eglinton Avenue East is required for the duration of this work.  

Why: During this stage, crews will continue to relocate utilities, install support piles, excavate a shaft, build a stairwell, and construct the Emergency Exit Building. Read more »

July 112016

Update: Emergency Exit Building Construction near Petman Avenue Work Shifts to Middle Lanes of Eglinton Avenue East for Utility Relocation and Road Decking

What work is Taking Place?

What: With utility relocation work and road deck installation on the north side of Eglinton complete, crews will switch to the middle lanes of Eglinton. During this stage, crews will continue to relocate utilities and install road decking. Following work in the middle Eglinton lanes, construction will return to the south side of Eglinton. Read more »

July 112016

Cross Passage Construction: Eglinton Avenue East at Walder Avenue


A cross passage is a small passageway built to connect the eastbound and westbound tunnels for maintenance and emergency purposes. Dewatering equipment is used at street level on Eglinton Avenue above the cross passage location. Dewatering is the process of removing groundwater from around the tunnel level below. The dewatering equipment will be in place for the duration of the building of the cross passage. Read more »

June 232016

Tunnelling: What You May Experience

As you may know, the Eglinton Crosstown includes a 10-kilometre underground portion, between Keele Street and Laird Drive. For the tunnelled portion, locomotives run along interim track and transport materials and haul spoils in and out of the tunnels to the extraction shafts. Tunnel boring machines (TBMs) and muck removal operations run around the clock - 24 hours a day. Read more »