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March 29, 2019

Crosslinx Transit Solutions is seeking approvals for temporary traffic restrictions at Leslie Street in July and August 2019.  

You are invited to attend the Town Hall meeting on April 4, 7:00pm – 8:30pm at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Court, to learn more about what is proposed and to provide your input.

What’s being proposed?

  • Starting in July, there would be a temporary eight week restriction on vehicles travelling between Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue East so that Crosslinx can build the LRT guideway in the middle of Eglinton Avenue and then install track.
  • Eglinton Avenue would remain open in both directions at all times and Leslie Street would otherwise function normally.
  • Emergency services access to and from Eglinton Avenue would be maintained at all times.
  • Pedestrian access between Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue would be maintained throughout the proposed closure.
  • The entry to Sunnybrook Park off Leslie Street north of Eglinton Avenue is outside the work zone and would be open.
  • Crosstown construction on nearby major north-south routes would move out of the intersections before the Leslie Street proposed closure happens. Traffic lanes would be opened and turn restrictions lifted at Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue in May and Bayview Avenue and Eglinton Avenue in June.


Why is the proposed closure necessary?

  • Disruption from the construction would be three times as long – six months instead of two.
  • Keeping the intersection open and carrying out the work would be very difficult due to the width of the road and grading issues where Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue meet.
  • The guideway would have to be built in sections with joints in both the road and track. Joints would reduce the quality of the finished product and mean higher future maintenance costs.

What about the TTC?

  • During the proposed closure, the TTC’s Leslie Street 51 bus would terminate at Leslie Street and Eglinton Avenue in a temporary bus loop. Customers can then transfer to an Eglinton bus to reach Eglinton Station.
  • The 54 Lawrence East bus would use Don Mills Road instead of Leslie Street to go between Lawrence Avenue and Eglinton Avenue. The 54 Lawrence East bus would not serve Lawrence Avenue between Don Mills Road and Leslie Street during the proposed closure. Extra time would be added to accommodate the rerouting.

How will the proposed closure be managed?

  • Crosslinx is working closely with Metrolinx and TTC to coordinate the proposed closure including communication to the public.
  • Several weeks before the proposed closure is implemented, Crosslinx would install advance signage on Leslie Street, Eglinton Avenue and other major roads in the area, launch a comprehensive advertising campaign and canvass residences and businesses in the immediate area. TTC would also provide information to impacted transit riders.
  • The 24/7 Crosstown call centre will be available to provide information and respond to issues.
  • During the proposed closure, Crosslinx will continually monitor the situation and make adjustments as required.


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