TBMs on the move April 17-20 - Specialized lift and move will result in road closures

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April 1, 2015

What is happening?

Dennis and Lea, the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) that have been building the western segment of the Eglinton Crosstown’s underground tunnel, are getting ready for their own big move.

Over the weekend of April 17-20, 2015, Dennis and Lea will be lifted out of the extraction shaft located just west of Allen Road, and moved to the launch shaft just east of Allen Road. The TBMs are being moved in order to bypass the TTC subway line in this area.

Map for TBM move

Pic - TBM move 1

How will this happen?

Each TBM is 10 metres long, 6.5 metres in diametre and weighs approximately 400 tonnes. It will take a lot of preparation and perfectly timed coordination to move each machine.

A gantry crane will hoist each machine and load it onto a self-propelled trailer specially designed to move each TBM. This trailer (or “dolly”) has 13 rows of 6 wheels. Crews are currently installing a temporary bridge deck on Eglinton Avenue for the planned move of the TBMs. Once the TBM is loaded onto the dolly, it will move 100 metres east on Eglinton, across the temporary bridge deck, where another gantry crane will unload the TBM and lower it into the launch shaft.

TBM lift 2When will this happen?

The lift and move will happen over the weekend of April 17-20. 

As a precaution, the TBMs will be lifted and moved during the overnight hours while the TTC subway is not operating. Each TBM will be moved separately in the early morning hours on Saturday and Sunday.

Traffic Details

To prepare for the TBM move, beginning April 1st a lane reduction will be in place along Eglinton Avenue in front of the extraction shaft (located in front of Toronto Police 13 Division). Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction in this area.

In order to accomplish this work safely and on schedule, Eglinton Avenue West must be closed from Marlee Avenue to Bathurst Street beginning Friday, April 17 at 9:00 p.m. to Monday, April 20 at 5:00 a.m. Some access will be granted to business vehicles and local traffic.

This work is happening in coordination with the City of Toronto’s planned weekend closure of the Allen Road Expressway.Metrolinx and the City of Toronto worked to coordinate scheduling of the TBM move and regular spring maintenance in an effort to reduce overall disruption to the neighbourhood. Beginning Friday, April 17 at approximately 9:00 p.m., and reopening on Monday, April 20 at 5:00 a.m., the Allen Road Expressway will be closed from Lawrence Avenue West to Eglinton Avenue. Prior to the closure, there will be a southbound lane restriction, with the southbound curb lane closed, beginning Thursday, April 16 at 9:00 p.m.

TBM lift 3Pedestrian & Transit User Details

Pedestrians will be able to access this area through the weekend, but will be restricted to a designated pedestrian walkway on the south side of Eglinton Avenue.

Subway service will not be impacted during this event; however buses will be rerouting around Eglinton West Subway Station. More detailed information about these detours will come from the TTC well in advance of the weekend closure.

Paid duty police officers will be in place at key locations along Eglinton, between Marlee Avenue and Bathurst Street to ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians and spectators through the weekend operation.

Additional Considerations

Timelines may be rescheduled or adjusted due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances

See notice in pdf.