The AFP model and what it means for Toronto transit riders

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September 20, 2012

The Eglinton-Crosstown LRT is one of four new light rail lines being built in Toronto. Metrolinx is responsible for financing and building the new lines, and the TTC is responsible for operating the existing transit system. Metrolinx and TTC are working closely together to ensure that the new lines are seamlessly integrated with the subway and bus network.

Metrolinx recently decided to engage a private company to design, build, finance, maintain and operate the new transit lines. This process, known as Alternative Financing and Procurement (or AFP for short), has been used on the Canada Line in Vancouver, as well as the Air Rail Link here in Toronto.

Construction on The Crosstown is underway today and will continue without interruption. The Crosstown is part of a network of four lines totalling 52 kilometres of new transit. When it is complete, the new lines will connect Toronto communities with comfort, convenience, reliability and speed.

What it means for riders:

  1. Transit riders will be able to transfer between the new LRT lines, the subway and buses in the same way they transfer between TTC routes today.
  2. Fares for the new LRT lines will be fully integrated with existing TTC service. There will be no change for customers.
  3. Transfers between The Crosstown and the subway will be easy and direct, similar to transfers at Bloor-Yonge or St. George stations.
  4. Bus routes serving Eglinton will be adjusted to feed passengers to key light rail stations.