The Crosstown to be owned and maintained by Metrolinx, operated by the TTC

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October 5, 2012

Ontario Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli and TTC Chair Karen Stintz announced yesterday that Metrolinx and TTC have decided how The Crosstown and the other three new light rail lines will be built and operated.

Metrolinx and the TTC share a vision for the future of transit – and are working together on a path forward that benefits everyone:

  • Metrolinx will own the four news lines on behalf of the Province, and be responsible for design, construction, financing and maintenance.
  • The TTC will operate the new lines. This means they will be totally integrated into the existing TTC system that will expand service across Toronto and provide for a seamless experience for TTC riders.

The Government of Ontario is investing $8.4-billion dollars through Metrolinx to build four new light rail lines – the largest transit expansion in the City of Toronto's history.

As we move forward on construction of the four new light rail transit (LRT) lines, we also have a duty to examine every option to ensure we are getting the best value for taxpayer dollars, and that the new transit lines truly serve their customers – and the people of Toronto.

Metrolinx will use the Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) framework managed by Infrastructure Ontario and adopt a Design Build Finance Maintain (DBFM) model to deliver the projects, subject to the completion of positive value for money analysis.  Value-for-money with the DBFM approach under the AFP model is maximized by linking project design, construction and maintenance under one contract.  AFP is not privatization.  Public control and ownership of the project assets will be maintained.

We are excited that everybody is working together to build and operate The Crosstown. When it opens it will be part of a transit network that will allow residents to travel where they want, when they want – with comfort, convenience, reliability and speed.