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June 10, 2015

Utility Relocation: The first stage of work in this area is utility relocation. Construction of headwalls requires some utilities such as hydro, gas, water, telecommunication, etc.,to be moved safely out of the way in advance of tunnel and station construction.

Headwall Construction: Station headwalls create the frame for future underground stations, and are required to be in place prior to the arrival of tunnel boring machines at each station location along the Eglinton Crosstown route. Construction of the headwalls requires a grout plant to be established nearby to pump a form of concrete, otherwise known as “grout”, to the station headwall location. A grout plant will be required to support operations to construct the future Mount Pleasant Station headwalls.

The location of the grout plant is currently under review:

Concerns we have received from the community will be taken into consideration as we determine the location of the jet grout plant. Information about the proposed location of the grout plant will be shared with the community when more details become available.

jet grout rig

When: Some utility works will take place in advance of headwall construction starting as early as summer 2015. Following initial utility work, there will be four stages of headwall grout work and each stage is expected to last approximately two to three months. Stage one of construction is expected to start as soon as late summer 2015. Detailed construction notices will follow as we get closer to the start of each stage. Some work may be rescheduled or adjusted due to weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

one lane traffic in each direction

Where: The work zone will extend from approximately Lillian Street to west of Forman Avenue along Eglinton Avenue East. All work zones will be separated from the right-of-way with traffic cones, concrete barriers and/or fencing.

Changing Traffic Patterns

Traffic patterns in the area will continue to change and shift during different stages of work. During construction, traffic on Eglinton Avenue East will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Where there is on-street parking, it will not be permitted along the north and south of Eglinton Avenue East in this construction zone. Bus lanes will be accommodated where possible. In some cases, there will be short-term turning and parking restrictions to allow for construction to take place.

Initial preparations could require additional short-term lane restriction on Eglinton Avenue East for the installation of grout lines and utility investigation.

Transforming transit across the middle of Toronto will involve significant road works. Traffic delays are expected during construction. Please watch the traffic signs and take care when travelling near construction areas.

More details on traffic will be provided in separate notices when the plan is finalized.

For more details or updated traffic information, please contact us.

Pedestrian Information

To ensure safety, pedestrians will be separated from construction with a chain-link fence at all stages of construction. In some cases, some sidewalks may require temporary closure and pedestrian detours may be required. Please follow signs directing pedestrians and take care when travelling near construction areas.

pedestrian detour

Transit Information

For the safety of transit riders, both eastbound and westbound TTC bus stops in the affected area will be relocated. Watch for posted signs and future information indicating the new locations.

Waste Collection

Solid Waste Management Services will continue to pick up waste during construction of the Crosstown. Recycling and garbage collection schedules along Eglinton Avenue will not change during the construction period. Please continue to abide by their guidelines for garbage disposal and follow your normal routine. Please label your bins with addresses and place them as close to the usual location as possible before 7:00 a.m. or the night before the scheduled collection day. If necessary, during construction, your bins may be temporarily moved to the edge of the work zone by the contractor.

Noise & Vibration

Noise and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. Monitoring equipment is in place to monitor noise and vibration levels and ensure that they are within acceptable legal limits.

Work Hours

Most of the work will be carried out between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., 7 days a week. In certain situations, some late night and/or early morning works may be required to ensure construction remains on schedule. The contractor will not always be working during the extended hours, but may do so at its discretion.

The Crosstown Community Office

We understand that construction can be disruptive, and we will do our best to keep you informed. If you would like more information about this work or any other aspect of the Eglinton Crosstown project, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your continued patience as we work to build this important project.

Businesses remain open on Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East.

Please support your local businesses during construction.

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